Cookies Policy

When you are browsing websites such as ours, the vast majority of the websites store text files called cookies on your computer. The reason this is done is to help track your use of the site and to tailor your experience. These cookies are stored so that if you return to the website, the site can call on those text files again to ensure you get that customised look and feel you were accustomed to.

We use cookies to help you browse our website more effectively and to place orders with us, however we do not store personally identifiable information in our cookies just simple things like what pages you visit and how long you stay on them. We also use JavaScript to speed up your online shopping experience.

With the above said, please don't worry as cookies are perfectly safe and almost all web browsers have the cookie storing setting enabled by default. Although if you prefer, all browsers have the option of turning the cookie setting to off. Just do a quick YouTube search on "how to turn cookies off" and look for the video with the browser that matches yours if you don't know which web browser you are using, or if you do know then do a google search for "turn off cookies on Chrome" for example.

If you do decide to disable the cookies on your browser it will severely impact your ability to shop online with us as we use the cookies to process the orders in your shopping basket. We do not recommend this action, as it could also reduce the functionality of many websites that you visit.